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Aussie Made Cafe Blinds in Campbelltown

  • Choose between a lock-in zip screen on a track, or the free-flowing straight-drop blinds.
  • Choose between electric operated or manual crank operated.
  • Choose from more than 18 colours of our high-strength outdoor blind fabric.
  • Our patio blinds are made in Australia from the highest quality components available.

Outdoor Blinds Campbelltown1) Block Out Rain

Our blinds are able to block out more than 90% of rain, including directional rain. Protect your outdoor furniture and equipment from water damage and rusting.

2) Fire Rated

Our patio shades are the best choice if you plan on having a BBQ or patio heater nearby, the fabric we use is self-extinguishing and is not prone to damage in high-temp conditions.

3) Wind Block

With our strong steel structures and high-tensile fabric, our outdoor blinds are rated for up to 45Km Winds. Meaning 90% of the year your patio will be wind-free thanks to our wind-blocking blinds.

4) UV and Sun Protection

Ultraviolet rated shade fabric will protect you and your family from the harsh Australian sun. Our blinds also reduce glare and allow you to be comfortable even on a hot Summer’s day.

5) No Harmful Substances

Being a family owned company, we pride ourselves on having a product that extremely safe around your children and pets, our blinds are manufactured processes free of harmful chemicals like chromium, lead and mercury.

6) Australian Made

Our blinds are proudly made in Australia. Both the high-tensile fabric and the structural components are Australian made, ensuring quality at every level.

Our Service Areas

We proudly service all areas in Campbelltown.

Key Decisions to Make When Buying Patio Blinds Campbelltown

There are a few different decisions to make when getting outdoor blinds for your patio area.

Straight Drop or Zip Screen

The first decision is whether you want a Straight Drop blind or Zip Screen.

Straight Drop: These are a more traditional blind that come straight down and they lock in at anchor points, we will install anchor points at 2-3 points so that you can stop and secure the blind at different heights.

Straight Drop patio blinds will reduce wind, block the sun, block rain and give you privacy.

Zip Screen: A Ziptrak channel blind will lock in to tracks which are installed on either side of the blind, the blind moves up and down on the tracks, this allows you to fully enclose the outdoor area, which gives you the added benefit of keeping out insects like flies and mosquitos, as well as all the benefits that straight drops offer.

Zip Screens are the premium option and will cost more than Straight Drop options.

Motorised, Crank Operated or Spring Operated

The next choice to make is the way the blind goes up and down.

Crank: This is the most common mode of operation and means that you will wind the blind down with a rod, they are quite easy to operate. Both Zip Screens and Straight Drops are available in Crank operation.
Motorised: The mechanism has a motor and you use a Bluetooth remote to operate the patio blind. This available for both Zip Screen and Straight Drop models, but is definitely found more often with Zip Screens.
Spring: Only available for Zip Screens, allows you to manually push and pull the blind up and down with your hand.

Fabric Choice

We use a high tensile nylon fabric which comes with a 10 year warranty.

There are two thicknesses to choose from:

  • 95% Block Out: This fabric allows you to see out, but not in, it will block 95% of wind, sun and rain. This is our more popular blind for people who still want to be able to look out into their garden.
  • 98% Block Out: This material offers a 98% block out of wind, sun and rain, however they are more difficult to see through and they do offer the ultimate in privacy, if privacy is at the top of your list then this option may be the way to go.

During our free quote service we will show you the difference between the 2 options.
Fabric Colours: With over 50 colours to choose from, we have your taste covered. We have dark colours and light colours, as a sidenote, darker colours are easier to see through from the inside looking out, if you were looking for some visibility to watch the kids play or admire your lovely garden and lawn.

Outdoor Blinds Campbelltown