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High-quality Retractable Awnings Sydney

Rain Block Up to 97%

Our folding arm awning fabric is marine grade and can withstand some harsh rain conditions. Protect you outdoor patio area or balcony from rain – and retract the shade to soak up the sun whenever you want.

Australian Made

Made for Australian people, by an Australian company. Our shelters adhere to all the relevant Australian standards.

UV-R Block Up to 94%

Reduce glare and protect yourself from the afternoon sun with our UV-R fabrics protecting you all day long.

retractable shade shelter
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These stylish awnings extend out from your Sydney home, covering up to three meters in order to provide a large, shaded area, stopping the sun from flooding through your windows, and preventing your curtains or blinds and floor coverings from fading.

The main feature is the fact that they do not need supporting posts or other vertical support, so they will not obstruct views and also leave a nice open, de-cluttered space.

They make it easy to create an outdoor entertainment area, balcony, beer garden or outdoor cafe.

These shelters offer a better solution than temporary options such as umbrellas. They are powerful, reliable, and weather-proof, and they feature adjustable length settings so that you can open or retract them based on the amount of shade you need at any given time.

This cantilevered system offers both internal and external shade for your property, and it does not require a lot of effort or tools to open and close it.

How do you operate a retractable awning in Sydney?

They can be operated manually using a removable crank handle. There are also motorised options which use a switch or a remote.

When are they a good choice?

This style of awning is ideal for decks, patios, balconies or other outdoor living areas – particularly areas that are short on space (basically most homes in Sydney). It can be used if you want external shading, or to protect a sun-facing room from blinding light. Another are where these shades shine is on balconies where you want to minimise the amount space taken up by support posts and other obstructions.

Does the direction my home faces change whether a fold-out shelter is a good choice?

While retractable awnings are most popular for use on the northern aspect of a property, they can be used on other sides as well. We do not usually recommend that they are used on the south side of a property, because that side does not tend to get very much sun exposure at all.

Will the weather affect the shade?

Our materials and components are designed to be used in the Australian weather, we do however recommend the the shades are retracted in heavy winds. We use marine grad fabrics that offer optimal protection from both the rain and sun.

What are the benefits of having a folding arm awning Sydney?

When you install a retracting shade, you have more control over outdoor spaces, and you can enjoy your garden or patio in a wider range of weather conditions. You might even see a reduction in your air conditioning costs because the awning will keep the heat off the glass window to your living area.

How are the fabrics and components cleaned?

The awning fabrics have been treated with a mildew and mold resistant fabric, and are UV stabilised, so they can withstand harsh conditions. The fabric may get dirty over time, but it can be cleaned either by hand or with a high-pressure hose. Cleaning should not be necessary until many years after you purchase the awning.