Our Amazing Zipscreen Blinds

With Zipscreen external roller blinds, you can integrate outdoor and indoor entertainment areas with ease. Outdoor areas can be protected from various elements, all without the view being blocked out. This is why Zipscreen blinds are the best solution for any window in your home or for any outdoor area.

Zipscreens are particularly good for homeowners that are looking to block out the elements like wind and rain, opening up the possibility to use your outdoor area all year long.

These blinds can be installed in many places. For example, you can install them on balconies, patios or pergolas. Once installed, you’ll have the ultimate entertainment area that’s protected from outside elements.

One of the best things about Zipscreen blinds is you can use them for commercial and residential applications. They can come equipped with customized control systems. Furthermore, you can get them available with enclosed box covers.

Let’s not forget to mention the zLOCK technology. This is Zipscreen’s technology that is patented. Also, it features a sealing strip that protects against insects and UV rays.


The awnings use zLOCK, which ensures the fabric remains in place and it prevents debris and bugs from getting through. There are interlinking parts that are not visible and they are designed to work with side channels that self-align. What this means is the operation of the outdoor blinds is smooth, and let’s not forget to point out the finish is stylish. Click here to view some images of our zipscreen outdoor blinds.

Control Options

  • The hardware comes in a mill finish, so you can add powder coating to it. Also, the shades have three control options, with one being remote control. This option allows you to operate the rollers via a remote control.
  • Another option is crank, which feature crank gears that operate manually. One of the best things about this option is that the gears are not obtrusive. The crank can easily be removed too.
  • The third option is spring. The rollers are simple to use and have a design that is meant to last for a longtime. If you want a no fuss option, then go for this one.

Aesthetic Features

The cassette is stylish, but it has a sophisticated look to it and it has color match end plates. Not only that, but it has a side retention system and mill extrusions that can be powder-coated, if that’s what you want. The bottom line is they look great and will look amazing anywhere you install them.

Assembly And Installation Benefits

They feature side guides that can easily be adjusted and there’s a universal bracket which makes it easy for side, top and face fix applications. There’s a bracket slot that makes side guide installation easier. You should have no problems with installation.

Functional Benefits

The system can achieve very large spans and drops than many external retention blinds competitors. The cassette provides additional protection and it is made with stainless steal and zinc-plated pieces. They are extremely functional.