Which Areas Are The Blinds Best Suited For?

One of the best things is that these window coverings can easily be used in nearly all outdoor entertaining areas, from your carport, to your gazebo, pergola and verandah. They are well-suited for using year round and provide effective protection for these areas from bad weather.

If I Don’t Have A Post, How Can I Secure The Blind?

We have a cellar door anchor for this situation. It is an anchor post that gets installed into a paver or the ground. There is a doubled ended clip that is on the bottom part of the blind that clips onto the cellar door anchor. As you are winding the blind tighter it lifts. When the blinds are not being used, the hook lays flat. That way it isn’t a safety hazard. It is ideal since so many of today’s structures are built to be very open and spacious. Outdoor blinds allow you to enclose an area without need to have posts installed that may detract from your outdoor area.

If I Only Want My Blind Halfway Down How Do I Secure It?

Secondary anchor points can be custom fit upon request, depending on what your individual requirements are.

How Much Do The Outdoor Blinds Cost?

Our Outdoor Blinds are all custom made perfectly for every customer’s needs and wants. We provide many different extras and installation options as well a s 3 different materials which can all affect how much your patio blinds will cost. That is why we offer free measures and quotes. It might cost you around an hour of your time and cup of coffee. One of our friendly staff members will come to your home or office and help you get the result you are looking for.

Which Area Are These Blinds Best Suited For?

Just about any outdoor entertaining area that you can imagine! Carports, external dining areas, hotels, gazebos, pergolas, verandahs and more are common places where external window coverings are found these days. Outdoor blinds can be used all year around, and they have principally designed for protect against the elements for outdoor alfresco areas.

What makes Your Shade Material So Special?

Our blind material is made to withstand outdoor conditions and is very durable. It has a PVC coating so it won’t stain. There is a unique weave to the blind that lets the material “breathe.” It also makes it possible for you to see out without anyone being able to see in to provide you with privacy.

What Type Of Guarantee Comes With These Outdoor Blinds?

There is a 12 month warranty on labour and parts. All repairs that are performed during the warranty period are required to be performed by a qualified representative. The warranty could become void if the product is tampered with. It is an express guarantee where provisions are made by legislation for consumer warranty claims. Tinted and UV Clear PV material also comes with a 3 year guarantee and the UV  material comes with a 5 year guarantee.


How to Clean PVC Blinds